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Tackling New Challenges

Over the next several years, our children will face new and unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. The abrupt end to the 2019-2020 school year, combined with the virtual start to the 2020-2021 school year, will impact our children, potentially for years to come. It will be imperative that OKCPS respond accordingly to address new academic and mental health challenges these children face as well as the possible financial challenges for the district. Throughout my professional career, I have worked with organizations to help them prioritize their greatest needs and make difficult decisions in the face of challenges.

Understanding Policy

Understanding the regulatory and policy landscape are important to school board decision making, especially as we look to the future and plan to ensure the long-term success of the district. I spent a decade in Washington DC working on public policy, so I understand the nuances and complexities of policy making and the unintended ripple effects that must be considered when making changes.

Building Consensus

Each district within OKCPS has unique characteristics and priorities. An important component to being a productive board is the ability to work together, respecting differences, but ultimately making the best decision possible, ideally through consensus. Bringing different stakeholders with wide-ranging views together to build consensus around a position or action has been a hallmark of my professional and volunteer experiences.

Planning for the Future

Given the uncertainty of the general economy and future state resources, smart planning for financial sustainability is critical for the district's success. I have worked with organizations on strategic budget planning and working creatively to develop the resources necessary to do their work. I would bring that same expertise to the school board.